The Name

Many have asked about the name “The Young Rite”. This name and many alternative ones were considered, such as “The Circle of Sophia”, “The Universal Rite”, “Original Christianity”, etc. However, as we operate independently of all the churches already in existence, we thought it wise to use a new name so that we would not be confused with other organisations, also for example those from which we derive our Apostolic Succession.

With the name “The Young Rite” we wish to primarily communicate two aspects:

  • Young, as apposed to old: The Christianity of the past two odd thousand years has been marred with politics, structures, organisations, power plays, excesses and seems to have placed attention especially on keeping the ranks subdued. By young we wish to convey the idea of freedom, a concentration on that which is important. What is important is not the organisation, nor the functionaries, but the genuine experience of the people themselves. Of course there is an organisation, but we attempt to limit the energy spent in keeping the organisation alive to a bare minimum. This means as few rules as possible and a genuine attempt to place responsibility where it belongs: With the individual.
  • Rite: We use ceremony as our working form. We are not about long homilies but about strengthening the individual experience by working together as a group. We perform a ritual with each other and we experience the sacraments together. Yes, the social aspect of community building is important too and our ceremonial work is supported by talking about it with each other.

We have purposely avoided names with the words “church” or “catholic”, even though we operate as a church within the catholic tradition. We believe these terms to have become too laden with adverse connotations

Towards a free and universal priesthood