The Young Rite takes very seriously Christ’s instruction that all be one as he and God are one. We believe the pursuit of Unity -whether Christian or otherwise- is an important and noble endeavour. Unfortunately, the struggle to enforce this unity in terms of common belief, practice, theology or doctrine is inherently unworkable. Enforcement of any kind runs against the grain of freedom and robs individuals of their responsibility. With this in mind the Young Rite holds to the following:

  • By its very nature, the signing of agreements of Communion harm rather than help further the process of Communion. Implicit in agreements is an exclusive attitude that if one group of people do not sign a particular statement they are not welcome at the table of another group. The Young Rite holds that all people who feel drawn to their table are welcome, regardless of their particular station in life, economic, social, physical, sexual identities or gender. This also holds for belief in particular doctrines or theologies.
  • The Young Rite holds that all people of faith who strive to witness to the life, ministry and teaching of Christ -whether literally, esoterically, gnostically, mystically or by any other means, method or name- are in fact already in communion with one another, for Christ cannot be divided in himself. In recognizing Christ in each other we are all a part of the whole body.
  • The Young Rite holds that there are a variety of expressions of this body of Christ in terms of practice, custom, tradition, theological emphasis and doctrine and encourage this diversity. We recognise that all these things are simply a way to express our interaction with God and God’s interaction with us. The criterion is to be open to that movement. Communion is simply holding dear of one another’s struggles to live this out in faith.
  • Therefore, the Young Rite holds all communities and individuals of faith in Communion with us, who live out the All Inclusive Love of God, who follow the radical message of Jesus, and who recognize the face of Christ in all they encounter, thereby upholding the dignity of every human being. We recognise the validity of the various ministries, lay and ordained and are always open to their participating fully in the life of this Church.
  • Thus it is not the custom of this Church to sign contracts or agreements with other groups, thereby being bound by word or law. Rather, we are committed to a Communion of the Heart and Spirit, thus struggling to be one AS Christ and God are one.

Towards a free and universal priesthood