What is it

Esoteric-Christian tradition
The Young Rite provides a platform for the modern day seeker to give expression to his or her spirituality within an esoteric-Christian context.

Although the structure of the seven Christian sacraments -implemented via a liturgy- remains intact, as does the apostolic succession, the form is participative. In contrast to the traditional (catholic) way, no distinction is made between sanctuary and congregation. In effect, this means that all present at a service are regarded as clergy who actively participate in its celebration.

A Free and Universal Priesthood
As all are seen as clergy, all are also free to receive ordinations up to and including the priesthood, if they so desire and practise what is known as a pure lifestyle. The principal working form is the circle, where a celebrant together with and in the name of those present takes the lead in the performance of the ritual.

The Young Rite envisages that all of its members may become priests. However, everyone decides for themselves when and how far they wish to progress along the path towards priesthood.

We hold public services. No secrets. The Young Rite is inclusive in the widest sense of the word: Everyone is welcome.

Towards a free and universal priesthood