Liturgies and missals
In the Young Rite we use a liturgy based largely on that used in the Liberal Catholic Church, with some changes here and there to reflect the particular characteristics of the Young Rite. The Liturgy of the Young Rite is published in book form by St Alban Press and copies may be ordered directly from them or from Liturgy, hard cover

We cannot offer printed missals, but do offer print-ready booklets in electronic format in English, Dutch and Slovene. These may be downloaded here, free of charge. You will need to have installed Acrobat Reader (if you do not have it, you may download it without charge by clicking here). If you print all the odd-numbered pages on A4 and the even numbered pages on the back of these (the print function in Adobe Reader can help you with this), you can fold these in half and with a staple have an A5 booklet.


Episcopal missals/misalen voor bisschoppen/misali za škofa


Towards a free and universal priesthood