Liturgy and Ceremonial
The Young Rite uses its own liturgy. A printed copy of the Liturgy is available from St Alban Press. This liturgy is constantly under revision as we experiment with more inclusive and affirmative language, different forms, etc. Some of our liturgy is available on-line. Part of the training as celebrant involves the proper execution of ceremonial action. The Young Rite has published the book “Ceremonies of the Young Rite”, which is an edited version of +Cooper’s  so-called “Blue Book”. This may also be ordered from St Alban Press.

The Young Rite believes that the individual him or herself is the final authority on any matter of belief. Our doctrine can therefore only be seen as a rough framework. Being esoterically-minded we do tend not to interpret the scriptures or the catholic tradition literally. The Esoteric Christianity E-Magazine contains several articles written from this viewpoint.

Towards a free and universal priesthood