List of bishops

The following are the bishops of the Young Rite:

Rt. Revd. Germain Grégoire AKAMBA AMOUGOU (passed away: 18-03-2010)

Germany and France
Rt. Revd. Frank Werner TRENZ

Rt. Revd. Aristid HAVLIČEK
Rt. Revd. Domen KOČEVAR
Rt. Revd. Marcus VAN ALPHEN (retired 29-09-2015)

South Africa
Most. Revd. Johannes VAN ALPHEN   (passed away: 25-01-2009)

Northern America (Canada and the United States of America)
Rt. Revd. David KLING

The Council of Three
Three bishops represent the Young Rite in a Council in which all decisions are made by consensus. Currently the Council of Three consists of:

  • Rt. Revd. Aristid Havliček
  • Rt. Revd. Domen Kočevar
  • Rt. Revd. David Oliver Kling

Towards a free and universal priesthood