How does it work

Ritual as an instrument for experience
The Young Rite uses ritual as a method for individuals to experience the subtle yet profound processes that inform and steer their lives. Spirituality may be seen as an individual’s growing awareness of these processes active within themselves and in the universe at large. The sacraments not only symbolise but also transact these processes. It is thus the participant’s experience of the ritual that is paramount.

Our services are participatory, meaning that we do not make a distinction between sanctuary and congregation. Our principal working form is the circle, with an officiant who together with and in the name of those present takes the lead in the performance of the ritual. The ideal to which we work is the performance of a ritual in a circle where all present are priests.

All may become priests
Holy Orders are conferred upon all men and women who request an ordination. We do, however, make distinction between priests and celebrants. A celebrant is a priest who lives a clean life, has undergone liturgical training and has been authorised to represent the Young Rite by celebrating its services in public.

Experimental Services
Some of the services are experimental, whereas the traditional form of the Holy Eucharist is also regularly celebrated.

Towards a free and universal priesthood