youngritec2The Young Rite is a centre for spiritual development based on the Western esoteric mystery tradition. One of our primary objectives is that the Holy Eucharist is celebrated frequently by as many priests as possible. To that end we advocate a free and universal priesthood. The basic precepts of the Young Rite are:

  • Spirituality is inclusive, therefore all may attend
  • Priesthood is for all, therefore all may become priests
  • Authority and responsibility lie with the individual, therefore no gurus and as few rules and dogmas as possible
  • Mystery implies an experiential foundation, therefore ritual is used.

The Young Rite is an umbrella organisation. Members include complete churches as well as clergy who operate under the Young Rite banner under the episcopal support of the bishops of the Young Rite.

See a video interview with the founder of the Young Rite:

Towards a free and universal priesthood